About Us 

 Our Story 


Cullen’s is a family business which was started in 2000. When Mr. and Mrs. Cullen’s were on the verge of resigning from their job, they started to plan out their ideas to establish at least a small restaurant. The goal is to ensure the growth of the their family income even after their retirement. Since their first child is a chef in a luxurious restaurant and the other one is a business manager, they teamed up to fulfill their dreams. Thus, the Cullen’s started their new journey as restaurant business owners. 


Our Mission 


Cullen’s strives to be the best restaurant in the entire Houston area. We are dedicated, passionate, competitive, knowledgeable, and unpretentious. We always strive to do all these things every single day. No other restaurant in Houston can match the standards of our services. 


Our Restaurant 


Our restaurant is designed uniquely. The Cullen’s family created an inviting, comfortable ambiance where diners can enjoy the highest quality of dining experience in Houston. 


Our Food 


Our food are prepared and cooked in the Cullen’s way. We make sure we give you the highest quality and the freshest ingredients every single day. We are committed to buying fresh local ingredients in Houston. Our menu changes are printed every week featuring our signature dishes of hand-crafted American cuisine and red meat, seafood, salad, pasta and more. 


Our Culture 


Because Cullen’s is a family business, we started and focused on the true spirit of hospitality, where you can feel the care and comfort while dining at Cullen’s. This spirit extends to our staff as well, we treat them with the utmost respect and provide them with so many opportunities to grow as better employees and individuals. Cullen’s also believe that we should not only care but give back to the community. We support local programs and organizations by sharing our blessings with them.