Garage Door Installation Process

Garage door installation is not a Do-It-Yourself task. Unskilled and untrained people may end up with injuries and damage. In this article, you will find some information that could help you to install a new garage door on your own. It is always recommended that hire professional and reputed Lorain garage door install and repair services to do this project for you.

In the garage door installation project, the spring will be considered as an important part. A garage door torsion spring is a challenging part to install or replace without the help of professionals. On the opposite side, the garage door extension spring will be easier to handle, so it is always advised to check the instructions of the manufacturer to determine the right type of garage door springs.  

For new garage door installation, you should keep the manual on hand and make sure that you read the instructions before you start the work. The basic tools that you might need for a new garage door installation project include an electric screwdriver, level, hammer, pliers, and tape measure. A sawhorse or workbench can be used to assemble the different parts of the garage door.

In case you need to replace the existing garage door, it is essential to take it off before performing anything else. After removing the old garage door along with metallic tracks, it is suggested to inspect the frame to find out the rot or damage. The most important step of the process is to install the first section of the garage door correctly because the remaining panels will be loaded on the first section. To avoid having a crooked garage door, make sure that mounting brackets for the panels are installed with proper care and should be adequately tightened.

After installing the first section, you will have to affix the tracks along with their corresponding rollers. Repeat installing the panels, tracks, and rollers until everything is fitted securely. Your next action would be to install the horizontal tracks of the garage door at the ceiling. You can perform this task with the help of a ladder to grab the horizontal tracks. It is also essential to maintain the level of the tracks. Finally, install the springs. Remember that garage door springs will be dangerous to install so, read the instructions carefully mentioned in the manual.